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Ranger Kids Nite Out 2004

On the 20th of August 2004, thirty-five enthusiastic Ranger Kids (aged 6-8yrs) and eleven Commanders got together for the annual Ranger Kids Nite Out at church! For many, it was their first time spending the night away from their home and parents.
First, the Ranger Kids joined the Friday children’s prayer meeting for a fun-filled time learning God’s Word and playing various exciting games. After the prayer meeting, they had a ‘Pizza Party’ for supper! After a tiring night of playing with friends, it was time to go to bed. The Ranger Kids were given a choice of either sleeping indoors or outdoor in a tent. Boy, was it a hard time putting the kids to sleep with all their bursting excitement and enthusiasm about their coming trip to the zoo the following day! The next morning, the kids awoke, washed up, had a devotion shared by Councilman Tan Swee Hock and tucked in roti canai for breakfast before leaving for the zoo. At the zoo we were greeted by a tour guide that took all of us on a zoo-tour in a tram and briefed us about the various animals in the zoo.
There were many oohs and aahs when we watched the multi-animal show which showcased animals and birds like the orangutan, parrots, peacock, and even sea lion! After an exciting time, it was lunchtime at Marrybrown! By 1.30pm we were back to church where anxious parents were eagerly awaiting their kids. All went home tired but excited, eagerly looking forward for the next night out in 2005!