Adventure Rangers events

Adventure Rangers Campout 2005

by Josephine Tiew

This year’s Adventure Rangers Campout was held at “Amberstone  Eco Resort”, Ulu Yam from 23 – 25 November 2005. Before leaving, Pastor Steven, our chaplain, shared a short devotion challenging us to work together as a team and look out for one another. The fourteen Adventure Rangers, three Expedition Rangers helpers and seven Commanders that was present for this camp, pitched their tents shortly after arriving at the campsite.
The days were filled with activities and workshops. Workshops include fire craft with Commander Eddy, rope craft with Commander Justin, first aid with Commander Lim, tool craft by Senior Commander Jim and camp craft by Commander Jonathan.
The highlight of the camp was the forty five minute hike to the Sendat Waterfalls on the second day. We spent about the next hour or so swimming and playing around. Back at camp we were taught tin foil cooking and thus had lots of fun making our lunch.
The night rallies were full of meaningful worship, devotion as well as patrols presenting their delightful skits, songs and cheers. Commander Lim shared devotions based on the camp’s theme ‘River of God’. Morning devotions were shared by Commander Yoke Yee and Commander Eddy respectively.
As a Royal Rangers’ tradition, we had barbequed dinner on the first night. Rangers and leaders happily ate and fellowship among each other. Everyone had a wonderful time.We arrived back on the third day feeling tired but nevertheless satisfied. The nights were spiritually fulfilling and the days enjoyable. Truly this camp has been a rewarding experience for all of us.