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Father & Ranger Cookout 2008

Report by Choy Ji Ian

On the 22nd of June, 2008, around 60 Royal Rangers and their fathers gathered for the Father & Ranger Cookout at the Calvary Refreshment Centre. The Cookout was held to celebrate Father’s Day and provide the Rangers and their fathers with an opportunity to spend quality time together.

The Cookout began with prayer and devotion by Rangers Councilman Samuel Sham. Senior Commander Eddy Law went over the rules and the Cookout began.

Each team was required to prepare an entrée, main course and dessert using a whole chicken, potatoes and bananas, all within 90 minutes. While some fathers wielded their knives awkwardly and were initially at a loss as to how to go about preparing the dishes, others expertly set about their work.

Church pastors and families of the participants thronged the CRC as the teams persevered at their task. The Rangers cleaned up and ensured that the CRC facilities were fully functioning.

When the time was up, the dishes were critiqued by the judges. After the judging, everyone rushed to taste the food for themselves. The participants were especially eager to try their opponents’ fare.

The Cookout ended with the announcement of the winners and a prayer of thanksgiving. We thank the Royal Rangers for organising this memorable event.