Father & Son Backpacking 2009 (Dad’s story)

By Paul Ranga
From the 16 to 18 March 2009, the Royal Rangers organised a Father and Son Backpacking Expedition to the Endau Rompin National Park in Johor.Seven courageous fathers and eight equally courageous sons (one of the fathers had two sons) braved the rigours of 3 days of hiking and camping in the wilderness of one of Malaysia’s few remaining pristine rainforests that has existed undisturbed for millions of years. Accompanied by Commanders Jim Guneratnam, David Peter, Kester Low and Sasha, we left church at six on Monday morning for what was to be a truly remarkable experience.

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Father & Son Backpacking 2009 (Son’s story)

In preparation for the 3D/2N backpacking expedition from 15th – 18thMarch 2009, the Rangers and their fathers had 2 training hikes so that the fathers could get into shape for the camp. For the Rangers, it would be just a walk in the park!
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