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Father & Son Backpacking 2009 (Dad’s story)

By Paul Ranga
From the 16 to 18 March 2009, the Royal Rangers organised a Father and Son Backpacking Expedition to the Endau Rompin National Park in Johor.Seven courageous fathers and eight equally courageous sons (one of the fathers had two sons) braved the rigours of 3 days of hiking and camping in the wilderness of one of Malaysia’s few remaining pristine rainforests that has existed undisturbed for millions of years. Accompanied by Commanders Jim Guneratnam, David Peter, Kester Low and Sasha, we left church at six on Monday morning for what was to be a truly remarkable experience.

Zachariah with his sons, Samuel and Joel with Paul and his son, Erwin resting after the 3 hour hike to the campsite on the first day (left to Right)
Our theme was “Walking with the Lord” taken from 2 Kings 20:3. Fathers and sons drew strength from the verse as we trekked through steep and narrow jungle paths, crossed fast moving rivers, suffered leeches and put up with wet (very!) weather day and night. Even though the hikes were long and the backpacks heavy, it was a time of fun together for the Rangers and their fathers. It was an opportunity to make new friends and strengthen old ones.
Kevin with his son, Christian on one of the many suspension bridges (Left). There were many river crossing too (right).
Joshua and Dad, Lau cooking their dinner (Left). Philip and son, William with Christian at the campsite on the 2nd day (right)
Being completely cut off from civilization, we cooked our own food and bathed in lakes & rivers, some even taking late night dips in the cold waters. Fathers and sons had a rare chance to be out in the open and share private devotion together.
Raymond and son, Bernard at the Buaya Sangkut waterfall. They were the only father and son to take the 6 hour hike to this famous waterfall in Endau Rompin (Left). Tony and son, Ethan at their tent (right).
Thanks to the training we had before the trip which helped to shape us up, it turned out to be an uneventful, safe and enjoyable adventure. In fact, after we returned to Calvary on Wednesday evening and were going back to our own homes, we were already asking if the Royal Rangers would organise more similar trips!