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Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2009

Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2009

5 April 2009 at Calvary Refreshment Centre: The Royal Rangers conducted a ceremony for the graduation of Rangers being promoted to the next age group. This has and always will be an exciting occasion as the Rangers will now be introduced to a new set of advancements and adventure.

Marking the graduation, the Rangers were introduced to their new Commanders of their new age groups – who were all there eager to greet and welcome every graduating Ranger.

In conjunction with the graduation, we were also witnesses to the recognition of three Discovery Rangers who worked diligently to achieve the highest award in the Discovery Rangers programme – the Gold Eagle. Wesley Wong, Joshua Lim and Jeremy Yap were the first in our Outpost (KL#1) to achieve this medal. We rejoice with them!

Along the way, a rally of entertaining, humourous and memorable skits and presentations livened the rainy day. Outpost Council Chairman, Jim Guneratnam shared devotion and Philip Yong, father of Adventure Ranger William Yong, shared a testimony of his experience in the recent Father & Son Backpacking Expedition. The ceremony ended with refreshments as we watched a slideshow of the Ranger Kids’ Nite Out, the Father & Son Backpacking Expedition to Endau Rompin and an announcement of the upcoming National Camporama. We were blessed and inspired for the new year.