ER Solar Cooking project: Chicken rice

With the results of the water boil test, I felt quite positive that this would work so I waited another day where the sun was good and went ahead to try…

With this ended the series of testing. The limitations and contributing factors of this contraption are now better understood. Back to the drawing board for an improved version. Till next time…


ER Solar Cooking project: Water boil test

The aims of this test were:

  1. to see how high water temperature would reach during the sun’s peak hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  2. determine factors that would affect cooking.


1) The highest temperature recorded was estimated at about 94 degrees Celsius. Which would be good enough for cooking rice (for the next recipe).

2) Factors different from earlier projects that contributed to high temperature were the black pot and glass cover. After removing the glass cover at 94 degrees, the temperature dropped to 88 degrees within 1 minute and dropped further to 77 within the next 4 minutes.

Other factors to note, the sky was unclouded and it was month of June. Hot!

ER Solar Cooking project: Construction