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Camporama 2009 – “China city” perspective

By Kester Low |

10-13 June 2009, Benum Hill Eco-Resort, Raub, Pahang: About 70 from our Outpost (KL#1) were joined with Rangers from the Central and Southern District Outposts: some from Malacca and Negeri Sembilan – to form a contingent of 100+ strong dubbed China. China, the ‘city’ in which KL#1 occupied, embodied, and spirited during the recent National Camporama 2009 was one of 3 other Cities that were host Cities of the Camporama; namely Australia, India and Japan. In total, there were more than 700 in attendance. Our fellow Rangers from Calvary Bandar Baru Selayang Assembly were also there to join us.

The Camporama was a blast! Days were filled with enthusiastic rhythms, songs, cheers and yells over parade grounds (and everywhere else probably) – the camp was full of City synergy. Every activity participated by groups from cities were accompanied by echos of City-pride hoo-has! And each version infused a huge amount of creative flair. So, the songs and yells were so unique – it was as intellectually brilliant as it was audibly ‘stunning’!

During the days, the campers were busy with activities. Activities were a mixture of Highlights like Laser Tag (CS like game), obstacle course, flying-fox & archery, Intercity Challenges like the crazy boating race via cardboard and Ultimate Frisbee games to a range of Skillarama tasks such as boomerang throwing, darts, ‘chicken’ fights, etc. The City citizens were always busy trying to complete all the activities offered. Along with that, there was also an FCF Village where patch trading took place, and various other crafts/skills were thought – ie, Sushi making (and eating), origami, paper fan making, tea making, tasting and appreciation, Indian fried-cooking-yummy-ness, and more. In a nutshell, we had plenty to do.

On the first night, each city hosted a City Night by campfire. China’s City Night introduced her mayor Cmdr Philip, along with his loyal subjects, each telling stories and leading in games to entertain her guests and set the mood for days to come. The night ended with lessons learnt via Chinese humour, stories and the history of Christians in China and the struggles to maintain the faith. For the following nights, campers attended the rallies. The rallies included a big amount of jumping and praising and worshiping as we sought after God’s presence – which was very real. Cmdr Gideon and Cmdr Mike brought home the message of the camp theme and reminded us to offer our lives to God – and be personal with Him, that He may position us to serve just as King David did.

The camp was exemplary in how many young commanders were taking positions to serve in the camp and how God used them to bless the many around them. Our mayor, Cmdr Philip – the youngest of the mayors – testified that God had sustained and lead him in many ways. Others who brought their friends, were also positioned to see salvation and more. Many were touched, moved and grateful for the things planned and coordinated. We surely thank God for the vivid memories made, friendships fostered and Godly encounters we would trade for nothing. As we savor the moments post-Camporama, KL#1 salutes our God for a wonderful camp – full of smiles, fun, laughter, and disciples in the making!

Finally, with the closing of the Camporama – China celebrated having been awarded the Intercity Challenge Champions for consistent performance throughout the Camporama. We won 2nd place in all three Intercity Challenges; namely Ultimate Frisbee, Cardboard Regatta and Laser Tag. We took home a big trophy and tons of stories to tell our friends.