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Leadership Camp @ Sri Lanka

Report by Tan Lee Li

On 3-5 September 2009, Commanders Jim Guneratnam, Royal Rangers Asia Pacific Regional Representative, together with three Commanders from Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur, Chin Yoke Yee, Tan Lee Li and Kester Low, were blessed with the opportunity to train, encourage and strengthen the Royal Rangers ministry in Sri Lanka.

A total of 120 chosen leaders aged 15 – 51 years old from 26 churches in Sri Lanka (41 female and 79 male) took part in this leadership camp. In our presence as well, we were honoured to have senior pastors from three different churches attending the training in addition to the five pastors serving on the national council, including Pastor Jacob Perera Jr, the national director. The training was held in a beautiful picturesque hilltop area close to Kandy, a town approximately 120km from the capital, in an orphanage called FRIDSRO with two main compounds, housing the orphanage and training facility.The trainees arrive at the venue one day before the start of the camp as they traveled from all part of Sri Lanka.A welcome ceremony was held when we arrived at the venue that evening. After the welcome address by the national director and introduction by Commander Jim, the camp orientation began. The trainees were divided into patrol and the various roles, responsibilities and patrols requirements were explained. They were also tasked with coming up with their patrol name, song, yell and a patrol flag. They would have a refreshing early start everyday at 5am with a round of exercise, quiet devotional time with God and breakfast before parade began at 8am. With a healthy body, alert mind and God’s presence, they began their day with enthusiasm and zest.Day one, began with all the patrols presented their yell/song and flag. A short inspiring devotion and prayer by Pastor Cheran was followed by the first training session. Commander Jim introduced the Royal Rangers ministry to the participants followed by the camping basics. After lunch Commanders Jim and Yoke Yee taught the Ranger Fundamentals which consists of the following topics: RR Ministry, RR Team, RR Uniform, Evangelism, Discipleship, Servant Leadership, and The Advancement System. We ended the first day at 10pm but it wasn’t bed time for the participants yet as each patrol was given the task to improve on their yell/song and flag.Day two continued with the Rangers Fundamental. Next we introduce to the trainees to some camp crafts with sessions on tool craft and rope craft. They trainees were excited and enjoyed themselves in the camp crafts as they had the chance to try and learn the skills for the first time. After lunch, it was back to sessions on lashing and fire craft. To conclude the day’s training, we conducted a model outpost meeting where the trainees were able to participate in a typical outpost meeting and experience going through a meeting plan to learn how to implement a successful outpost meeting.After dinner, there was an air of excitement and joy from the trainees as they had been looking forward to the campfire. We praise and thank the Lord for the weather was good to us to have a campfire. Each patrol came up with creative and funny skits and there was joy and laughter surrounding the campfire.Next, we gave glory to God with songs of praise and worship followed by the pastors/commanders praying for the young leaders that the Lord’s presence be with them spiritually and guide, nurture them to become great leaders in the Royal Rangers ministry. Commander Jim fervently prayed over the pastors and national leadership for God’s blessings and hands of protection upon them and also their families and the strength, courage and wisdom to continue leading and building Royal Rangers in Sri Lanka. Before we end our day, Pastor Jacob and the leaders prayed for us that God will continue to use us to be blessing to the Royal Rangers ministry.Day three, was the last and final day of the camp and despite the rainy weather we went on with our morning parade. We could sense something wonderful and beautiful in the trainees spirits after last night intercession. They were fuelled with God’s presence and the burning desire in their hearts to do God’s works. We gave them the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the sessions and showed them some pictures of Royal Rangers activities around the world. There was also a special session for Pastor Jacob, the national council, and Cmdr Jim to meet with the pastors and representatives from the 26 churches.

To conclude the camp, the trainees were given the opportunity to testify of the wonderful miracles of God that they experienced during the camp. One testified that he could see the changes in him before and after the camp. His faith in the Lord grew stronger and he also discovered that he has leadership qualities in him that he never knew he had before. He also found out that he is a good translator as majority of the trainees speak Singhalese and this was the first time he was asked to translate.

Another encouraging testimony was from a boy who testified how Royal Rangers has changed his life for the better. He used to be a rebellious boy, mixing with the wrong crowd and often getting himself into trouble. With Jesus in his life now, he has changed for the better together with a strong desire in his heart to serve the Lord faithfully.

A lady gave an inspiring testimony where she could see how Royal Rangers program can make a big impact in the children’s lives through spiritual, mental and physical. She used to think that sharing the Word of God was meant for adults but after going through the training she realizes that sharing the Gospel to the children can make a huge difference in their lives. Finally, there was the Council of Achievement where the trainees receive certificates for their participation in the camp. Prizes were also given to the best boys and girls patrol.

We left with a heavy heart as close bonds was developed and shared during the past three fulfilling days with the participants but we left with God’s assurance in our hearts that He will do an amazing work for the Royal Rangers ministry in Sri Lanka. We ask that you commit the Royal Rangers participants in Sri Lanka in your prayers for God’s hands of anointing and blessing be upon them. Pray also for the pastors and leaders that they have the courage, wisdom and strength to continue building Royal Rangers ministry in Sri Lanka for God’s kingdom.

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