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Annual Camp 2010

The Royal Rangers had the opportunity to experience the great outdoors at this year’s Calvary Family Camp with our Annual Camp organised as part of the Family Camp programme. The Rangers were able to enjoy the camp with their families and participate in the exciting activities planned as part of the Annual Camp. The emphasis for the camp was on appreciating God’s creation and nature study. The venue of the camp at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor provided a excellent setting for the Rangers to explore nature.
On the opening night of the camp, the Rangers made their own aquariums and were given fish to keep for the duration of the camp. Using various stones, shells and other decorations as well as water plants, they decorated their aquariums. They were taught proper care for the fish and how to maintain the aquariums. The next day the Rangers learn about various kinds of trees and plants, and how to identify them by their bark, leaves, seed and flowers. They then went out for a walk around the resort, identifying the various trees and plants. The highlight of the camp was a visit to Tanjung Piai, a national park at the south most tip of Malaysia. The Rangers were able to observe various trees, plants and wildlife native to the mangrove forest.


On the final night of camp, the Royal Rangers held a campfire at the beach that included all the children from the Family Camp. After a fun time of games and cheers, the Northwest University Team concluded the campfire with a spiritual challenge for all to commit their lives to God. On the final day of camp, the Rangers were reward for their participation in the camp by receiving their Nature Study Merit. The Rangers went home with a new appreciation of God’s creation and nature and a renewed commitment to serve Him.