Adventure Rangers camp events news

Adventure Rangers Advancement Camp 2010

25 – 27 November 2010

Written by William Yong


On November 25, 12 Adventure Ranger boys and 2 Adventure Ranger girls went to Pasir Puteh Resort, Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre by vans. All the rangers were expecting to do something fun. Our theme for this camp was “Ready for Anything” (Matthew 24:44).

Upon arriving, we set up our campsite beside Sungai Bernam. As we were setting up, we found one tent that has a broken stick but we temporary fixed it. Our lunch was catered by the resort and it was quite spicy. After lunch, we had lessons for the whole afternoon on Campfire Service, Fire Craft and Cooking.

Commander Jim taught Campfire Service
All of the Rangers had to work together to plan a presentation to the commanders during the campfire service for our merit.
We had to apply the seven S’s for a successful campfire service.
The seven S’s are Setting, Start, Songs, Skit, Stories, Showmanship and Spiritual.
The Setting is the place for the presentation, the Start is how we are going to start the campfire in a creative way. Songs are action songs to get the audience involved, a Skit and a Story are presentations that are related to the theme of the service, Showmanship shows our skill for presentation, and Spiritual is worshiping God to quiet down our hearts to listen to the devotion.
We learnt how to build three different types of fire during our Fire Craft lesson: an A-Frame Fire, Teepee Fire, and a Trench Fire.Our dinner was also catered by the resort, it is also very spicy. After dinner, we went for a night hike without FLASHLIGHTS!!! We followed the guide into the pitch-black rubber plantation near our camp. We came back to camp to find some leaches on our legs. arcamp2010-3
On November 26, the commanders gave four boys in each group and two girls a stove to cook French toast for breakfast. After that, we went to visit a dam at Sungai Selangor near Fraser Hill. It is about half an hour drive to the dam.We came back to camp and used charcoal fire to cook fried noodles for lunch. After lunch, we prepared for the Campfire Service. Commander Paul helped to give us ideas for Campfire Service.
arcamp2010-9 For dinner, we used a trench fire to cook rice with stew chicken. We had to find our own wood and dig our own trench, it was hard work. While some were digging the trench, others went around to look for dead, dried stick. While looking for the sticks, we also found a swarm of mosquitoes following us. All the cooking was taught by our camp cook, Commander Esther.
After we finished our dinner, we conducted our campfire service. We did a good job! Commander Eddy gave us the devotion about being ready to share our faith for the service.
ARcamp2010-13ARcamp2010-14ARcamp2010-15ARcamp2010-16ARcamp2010-17We had chicken and lamb for barbecue after the service. It tasted great!
On November 27, after breakfast, which was also prepared by the caterer, we packed up the campsite and threw the rubbish away properly, leaving no trace that we were there. After lunch, we went for a river hike. The river is quite rough and cold. All of us had fun during the river hike. After that, we changed and packed our things into the van and set off for K.L.
Overall I found this camp was a memorable one because it was fun and we learnt many new skills. Here’s what some of my fellow campers had to say about the camp:

River trekking was fun, very adventurous. The night hike was fun too, first time seeing fire flies.
– Isaac Selvam.

The most interesting experience was the council fire. The trench fire was also the best type of fire I had ever built. I learnt many things from that camp like building fires, cooking and lastly doing a council fire.
– Joel Zachariah.