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Ranger Kids Outing

by Lam Kah Meng
 On 9 Jun 2012, the Ranger Kids (aged 6-8 years) had a one day outing to the KL Bird Park. 15 boys and girls from both Royal Rangers in Cheras and Damansara Heights gathered in church at 8.30 am with great anticipation.Before leaving for the bird park, Commander Samuel Ngeow shared devotion where the kids were reminder that God even takes care of the birds in the air, what more themselves.
At 9am, the rangers hopped on into the church van and made their way to the bird park. As the rangers explore the bird park, a sense of excitement and wonder fills the air. The kids were amazed by the many species of bird and that the birds were at touching distance. During the walk about, the rangers manage to feed some of the bird.
The highlight of the trip has got to be the bird show just before we left the park. The birds perform many tricks and some of our rangers manage to take part in the show. The trip ended with a delicious lunch. Commander Stephanie graciously prepared hotdogs and muffins for Rangers.The rangers arrived back at church at 2pm wearing a smile on their face. It was a good out of classroom learning and great way to spend the ranger’s school holiday.