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Father & Ranger Treasure Hunt

By Lisa Toh

Fathers and children pose for the group photo
Fathers and children pose for the group photo

On the morning of 27 July 2013, the Royal Rangers organised a Father and Ranger Treasure Hunt. Held at Taman Bukit Jalil, the aim was to create an opportunity for fathers to spend some quality time with their children out doors.

Father enjoying the outdoor with son

We were blessed with good weather and 29 fathers participated with 43 children and 12 Ranger Commanders were in attendance.

For the treasure hunt, all participants had to complete four main tasks, designed to demonstrate how a Ranger grows, namely, spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. The four gold points of the Royal Ranger emblem stand for each of these aspects of growth for the Rangers.

Father shows off “Family portrait” with his sons
Father shows off “Family portrait” with his sons

The challenge for each team was to find the correct guardian assigned to each task, namely the Guardian of Spirit, Wisdom, Strength and Friendship.

After finishing the four main tasks, they were required to do one final task to get the treasure. For this, parents were given a taste of the life of a Ranger when their children were asked to demonstrate a “fall-in” and teach their parents how to do the same. “Fall-in” is basically when the Rangers stand in formation for the opening and closing ceremonies during Ranger meetings. Both parents and their children could only obtain their treasure when they demonstrated a proper fall–in together.

3 teams building family portraits out of natural materials

The participants enjoy the varied activities throughout the Treasure Hunt, ranging from solving riddles to physical activities and handcrafting. For instance:

  • Riddles that kept some parents and their children guessing – “what lives if you feed it, but dies if you give it a drink?”
  • Teams were asked to pick numbers at random, and these numbers determined the number of sit-ups and push-ups that had to done collectively. This was truly a combined effort by the teams, especially those who picked exceptionally large numbers. It was heartening to see parents encouraging their children through this physically demanding task, and vice versa.
  • Using what organic litter (leaves, twigs and grass) found in the park to “write” each of their names!
  • Playing a game of charades where children and fathers put their Bible knowledge and acting skills to the test!

The treasure that they obtained at the end of the treasure hunt was a miniature wooden model, which fathers and children then assembled together. The real treasure though, would be the time of bonding between the parents and their children.

Father & son completing the handcraft
Father & son completing the handcraft

Devotion was shared after a time of praise and worship. We were reminded by Commander Jim Guneratnam that just as an earthly parent loves their child, so does our heavenly Father. Before going our separate ways, we fellowshipped over some refreshments.

Praise God for this event ran successfully, blessing the parents and their children.