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Annual Camp 2013 & Ranger Kids Day Outing

The Royal Rangers organised annual camp at Hulu Langat from the 8th to the 10th of August. 70 Rangers & commanders attended this year’s camp, and we were blessed with good weather throughout.

On the bright sunny day of August 8 the Rangers gathered at CCC in Bukit Jalil for a time of devotion by our outpost chaplain, Pastor Steven Kum. He spoke on how the devil tries his best to undermine our faith, and how we should always be perceptive of the things that can tempt us into sinning. We started on our journey to our campsite in Hulu Langat after Pastor Steven prayed for a fruitful camp and a safe journey.

Upon arriving, our excited campers were briefed on camp rules before setting up their tents. It was a novelty experience for some of the Discovery Rangers who were attending camp for the first time. The day flew by quickly as the Rangers had their patrol corners, and participated in group games. The four patrols definitely had to put on their thinking caps when they were required to prevent raw eggs from cracking, using only tape and straws. Their next challenge was to build a watch tower out of newspapers. It was interesting to watch the patrols come up with different designs for their towers, some more stable than others. Thereafter, it was time for some watery fun as the Rangers armed themselves with their water guns to shoot down the paper watch towers of the other patrols. Their last challenge of the day was for patrols to attempt to pull off a piece of string attached to each opponent’s back. It was hilarious to watch the Rangers as they tried to tackle each other. After that, it was river time! The Rangers were raring to go, having been waiting the whole afternoon to play in the river. After dinner, we gathered for rally where Pastor Peter Ong preached.

On the second day of camp, each patrol took turns to present their songs, yells, and patrol banners after devotion was shared by Council Chairman Jim Guneratnam. For the day’s activities, the Rangers were split into their age groups. The Discovery group were to learn rope craft and made their own bolo slides to wear with their uniforms. The Adventure group readied themselves for their hike up to Camp Lolo, halfway up Gunung Nuang, arguably one of the more taxing mountains to scale. The oldest of the bunch, the Expedition group, set off for the pond that was within the campgrounds to lash together a bamboo raft. The raft was a success and went on multiple trips around the lake. The Ranger Kids, who were too young to attend the full camp, visited the campsite for a day trip and were given a tour of sorts.

After lunch, everyone save for the Adventure Rangers who were on their hiking trip were tasked with folding as many paper boats as they could, and also to build a cardboard boat capable of seating one Ranger. The older ones busied themselves with constructing and waterproofing their cardboard boat, while some of the younger who children who were quicker at learning how to fold the boats were guiding their fellow friends who may not have caught the technique so quickly. Everyone was working at an almost feverish pace in order to fold the most boats for their patrol. The Adventure Rangers arrived back at the campsite in time for games at the river. The first game was to collect as many paper boats as possible whilst they were floating about the river. Then, it was time for the cardboard regatta to begin! One Ranger from each patrol was placed in their respective boats, and then the fun began. The challenge was to sink the boats of the other patrols. While two boats sank rather quickly, the other two were not giving up without a fight! Ranger Reuben was furiously scooping out the water as quickly as he could while doing his best to maintain the boat’s balance in the water. The last game of the day was captain ball, and the Rangers definitely had a good time in the river. After a good dinner, the Rangers gathered round for the council of fire. After a time of praise and worship, each patrol presented their skit. Councilwoman Chin Yoke Yee shared devotion. The night ended with a BBQ supper for the Rangers.

On the third day of camp after Councilman Wong Horr Wai shared devotion, the Rangers presented their improved songs, yells, and patrol banners. After a good breakfast, the patrols were given time to plan their best song, yell, and patrol banners presentation yet. The members of the patrol that accumulated the most points over the three days of camp were given a prize of a waterproof matchstick box each.

All too soon, it was time to pack up and break camp. Our campers went home exhausted but full of camp stories to tell their parents. It definitely has been a great annual camp and we thank God for all His providence.