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Taman Negara Adventure 2014

By Rachel Ong.

When the Royal Rangers organise any trips, it would always prove to be adventureous and enjoyable. Recently, on the 27 till the 29 of July 2014, during the Hari Raya holidays the Royal Rangers organized a trip to Taman Negara that was opened to the Calvary congregation. With limited places, 80 people excitedly signed up with the unforgettable experience awaiting them.

Arriving to Kuala Tahan after the 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, it was a short boat ride across the river to Mutiara Taman Negara Resort. That alone was entertaining as we saw local children fishing on the jetty by the river and playing contented and happy to be by the river bank. Upon checking into our chalets, which was beautifully designed and very comfortable, I noted that this trip had the best environment in the lust natural surroundings of the national park with luxurious resort accommodations compared to the usual Royal Rangers camping trips.

The group gathered for a quick briefing itinerary and buffet dinner. Many were surprised but greatly encouraged to have Senior Pastor Prince and Sister Petrina Guneratnam with us in Taman Negara. When night came, we did our first activity which was a night jungle walk. During the walk I was fortunate to see fireflies flying and various other insects but the highlight was seeing a mother deer with its fawn from a tower hide, which thrilled me because I was able to see a wild animal in its natural habitat.

The following day was one of the highlight of the trip, the forest canopy walk that is reputed to be the longest in the world. Those that went did a half hour hike through the forest to the destination but  it was all worth the effort because the canopy walk gave me a sense of walking on the edge of a skyscraper, both scary and exhilarating. The canopy walk is suspended on ropes and cables from one tree to another making suspension bridges that are connected into a long trail high above the forest floor providing a unique view from the top of the forest.

After the canopy walk, there were other optional activities for the adventurous such as a swim in the river, river rapid shooting and visiting the orang asli settlement. Our family opted for a swim in the river. A short hike in the forest brought us to beautiful bend in the river with sandy banks and an inviting pool called Lubuk Simpon. It was very refreshing to swim in the cool water of Sungai Tahan that flows from the mountains after the forest hike.

That night, a barbeque dinner was served and we celebrated the success of Gunung Tahan expedition with the 16 member team joining us after completing the 7 day trek that evening.

On our last day the group took a boat ride up river to visit a fish sanctuary and Lata Berkoh. To get there was a forty five minute boat ride and a short hike. The boat ride showed me the greenery of the prestine forest which was breathtaking. The scenery was exactly like what is shown in National Geographic. After getting off the boat at the fish sanctuary, we had the opportunity to feed the many large fish in their natural habitat. A ten minute hike later, we reached the river rapids of Lata Berkoh. The flow of the river water was powerful and swift. We did not swim there as it could be dangerous but the view was perfect. Once we got back from Lata Berkoh, it was time to check out and head back home.

We were blessed by the devotions by Associate Pastors David Seah and Lee Peng each morning. All left with a greater appreciation of God and His creation, and the unforgettable memories of the adventure.

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