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Discovery Cooking & Firecraft

@ Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi

16 Discovery Rangers celebrated Malaysia Day outdoors by cooking their own lunch for the Royal Rangers Cooking merit.

The Cooking merit required the boys and girls to cook a complete meal using different methods of cooking.

Many of the Rangers had just learned how to cook at home and were now testing their skills outdoors in this cooking test.

The activities started with Commander Jason sharing devotion about the fire of God that fell and consumed Elijah’s offering and he continued with a short lesson on fire craft.

All the Rangers then had a go of lighting a fire with one match. They worked in pairs to collect their own firewood and to construct the fire. After they managed to light their firewood they proceeded to prepare their food for cooking.

Once the Rangers had ate their own cooked lunch and finished washing up, the commanders and Rangers played a team game called “Capture the Flag”, followed by some relaxation at a nearby stream.