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Australian Camporama 2015 !

On 5 – 9 January 2015, nine Royal Ranger Commanders from Calvary Church, outpost Kuala Lumpur #1 participated in the Australian Camporama, a national camp for all Rangers and leaders in Australia. The Camporama, themed Xperience, was also a celebration of the milestone that marks 50 years of the ministry in the land down under. Three other leaders from Metro Tabernacle, outpost Selangor #9, joined our group from Calvary Church to form the Malaysian representation.

The camp was held in The Tops Conference Centre, a Christian conference centre situated at Stanwell Tops, a locality with generous access to lush forests as well as a beachfront in the heart of New South Wales. It was attended by Royal Rangers and leaders from Australia as well as international guests from Malaysia and Japan.

The theme of Xperience is both a reminder and an invitation to experience God through the faculties he has given us, namely our senses. The night rallies and devotions were themed around how we can experience God through the five physical senses, sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Both Rangers and leaders alike were tremendously blessed by the sessions.

On 7 January, Rangers Australia conducted a Birthday bash in conjunction with their 50th Anniversary celebration. Distinguished guests, including the pioneers of the Rangers ministry in Australia, as well as those who have supported the ministry through thick and thin, were invited to the Camporama for a day to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rangers Australia.

The Camporama was also packed with many exciting and thrilling action-packed activities, some highlights include:

  • The Goliath Swing – The largest swing in the southern hemisphere that initially releases you from a whopping height of 26 metres above the ground!
  • Abseiling – Campers were given the chance of a lifetime to experience abseiling down a 15 metre cliff face!
  • Cryptex Challenge – A unique puzzle challenge which combines the excitement of an Amazing Race with complex puzzle mechanisms, which culminated in unravelling the Cryptex, a true marvel of a puzzle device!
  • Pedal Karting – Similar to Go-Karts, but instead of being powered by petrol, they are powered by pedalling.
  • Pinewood Derby – One of the major highlights of the camp, Rangers were given the opportunity to design and fashion their very own derby cars out of pinewood and then race one another for the ultimate title as Pinewood Derby champion.

As representatives of Calvary Church, we have truly been blessed by attending the Camporama. We have learned many things from the Australians that will further enhance and develop our own ministry here in Malaysia. Being true to its name, the Australian Camporama was truly an “Xperience” which we will always fondly carry with us.