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Discovery Rangers Holiday Programme 2015

“How heavy is a gun?”

 “What qualifications does it take to be a policeman?”

 “Do you have to fight gangsters?”

These were some of the innocent and curious questions asked by the Discovery Rangers during their recent visit to the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters.

Q & A with Inspector Bala
Q & A with Inspector Bala

Commander Soong and ACP Firdaus
Commander Soong and ACP Mohd Firdaus

Traffic policeman showing how to switch on the siren
Traffic policeman showing how to switch on the siren

The Ranger boys and girls were privileged to have Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohd Firdaus and Inspector Bala to answer these questions as well as address crime issues among the young generation. They were reminded not to get involved with crime and that all of them can help with crime prevention in their schools and communities, young as they may be.

The Rangers were also treated to an exhibition of the traffic police division, which included a “hands on” police power bikes and patrol cars. This was certainly the highlight of the visit as the boys and girls had a “wail” of a time, letting sirens and engine revs echo through the compound.

And this was just Day One!

23 Discovery Rangers boys and girls recently participated in a 3-day Holiday Programme, where they visited places like the Police Headquarters, Orang Asli Museum and Bank Negara Museum. Each day’s programme started in CCC with devotion before heading out to these places of interest. They would then return to CCC for class activities but not before having lunch first. The class activities involved games and completing their merits that corresponded to their outings.

On the second day, the Rangers visited the Orang Asli and Bank Negara museums in line with their Orang Asli and Coin Collecting merit respectively. Commander Stephanie led the tour in the Orang Asli Museum, describing the various exhibits for the children to understand.

They then left for the brand new Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery named “Sasana Kijang”. The Rangers were given a tour of the 3 level building before proceeding to an interactive briefing on “What Is Money?”

After a delicious sandwich for lunch, the Rangers toured the Kids Money Gallery, which featured hands-on games on how to spend wisely, making your own money and a One Million Ringgit tunnel, a tunnel literally made up of various denominations of Ringgit notes!

Trying to tie a hook on
Trying to tie a hook on
All smiles with her catch
All smiles with her catch

On the third day, the Rangers arrived all geared up for fishing! They went to a fishing pond nearby CCC and spent 3 hours trying out the skills that they had learnt the earlier two days. Patience proved to be the lesson of the day as only the ones who sat quietly in their spot managed to reel in a catch. Interestingly the ones who caught fish were all girls.

Can't wait for a catch
Can’t wait for a catch

The event ended in CCC with a presentation to the best Rangers for each day and also a token of appreciation to each of the commanders that were involved.

Praise and thank God for his favour upon the entire event.