Starting Royal Rangers in Nepal

Report by Samuel Ngeow

Nepal Group

From 30 March to 3 April 2016, five Royal Rangers Commanders from Calvary Church, Commanders Eddy Law, Chin Yoke Yee, Ong Soon Aun, Esther Ong and Samuel Ngeow participated in a missions trip to Nepal lead by Jim Guneratnam, the coordinator for Royal Rangers Asia Pacific. This trip was organized to conduct Royal Rangers leadership training for them to start the ministry in Nepal.

Arriving one day before the training began, the team spent their first day navigating the traffic and the streets of Kathmandu, seeing the city which was ravaged by massive earthquakes just a year ago. For the next two day, 31 March and 1 April 2016, the team conducted Royal Rangers Fundamentals, the basic leadership training course and demonstrated the Royal Rangers ministry methods. A total of 52 leaders attended the training in order to learn more about the ministry and obtain the necessary tools to start the ministry. Upon the completion of the training, participants were recognised with certificates and were eager to return to their respective churches, ready to start the ministry.

Learning how to fall-in for parade
Learning how to fall-in for parade

On 2 April 2016, Commanders Jim Guneratnam and Eddy Law had the opportunity to share the message at two different churches at their worship service. Commander Samuel Ngeow was a blessing to the young people, sharing the message at the youth meeting that afternoon. The people were greatly blessed by our ministry. Before departing on 3 April 2016, we had the opportunity to meet with 25 pastors for the Kathmandu area at their monthly fellowship to share about the Royal Rangers ministry. The pastors were receptive and thankful for the availability of such a needful ministry to the children and youths.

Commander Jim leading a session in Ranger Fundamentals
Commander Jim leading a session in Ranger Fundamentals

We praise and thank God for His protection upon the team as well as a wonderful and fruitful missions trip, where the vision of the Royal Rangers ministry and tools for starting was imparted to leaders in Nepal. It is our continued hope and prayer that with God’s enabling, they will be able to reach, teach and keep the children and young people in Nepal for Christ.


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