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ER Leadership Course

By Gordon Yong

On December the 13th a group of Expedition Rangers attended a leadership course that helped the Rangers learn leadership skills that would help in a role such as being a commander if the so wish to be when they come out of the Expedition Rangers outpost.

There were four parts to this course. Each of these parts started off with an activity. The reason for these activities are to understand the importance of a leader. For example the game Magic Carpet, the goal of the game is to flip a carpet while a number of people stand on it. The carpet would never be flipped when everyone is screaming their own idea unless there is one person that guides everyone to do what needs to be done.

After an activity, we had a discussion of the following topics which are the social distinctive – helping people win, equipping distinctive – reproducing leaders, attitude distinctive – being empowered with God’s help, and lastly, the leadership distinctive – empowerment. And each part was concluded with a devotional thought on the respective topics.