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5th Central District Pow Wow 2018

Registration is now open. To register, please go to the Pow Wow registration counter at the Discovery Rangers classroom at Level B2.

For more info and to stay updated, visit the Royal Rangers Malaysia facebook page or use the hashtag #rrpw2018

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KL#1 Annual Camp 2017

annual camp for whatsapp B


annual camp for whatsapp B

31 August – 2 September
Pasir Puteh Resort, Kalumpang

The annual camp is the highlight of the Royal Rangers calendar. It is an outdoor-based, fun-filled event with activities, both physical and spiritual, to show you how “Christ has set us FREE”!

If you have just joined KL#1 in the last 12 months, the annual camp is a great opportunity for you to learn independence, cooperation as well as discover new skills and new friends.



Registration is simple!
1) Download and complete the Registration Form.
2) Attach the camp fees.
3) Register with your outpost commander by 20th August 2017.


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Royal Rangers wins 2nd place in Christmas Nativity Deco Contest

A team of Royal Rangers commanders led by Commander Stephanie designed and made a nativity scene for Calvary’s Christmas Decoration contest.Participating teams were challenged to re-create a nativity scene using different country themes. Royal Rangers selected the country of Sweden.The concept of the scene depicts a manger located next to a fully occupied inn. Swedish elements featured the country’s flag, Dala horses, the IKIA inn (IKEA) and Swedish costumes.Recycled materials used reflect the country’s commitment to recycling 90% waste. The entire stable, manger crib, the characters and animals and surrounding decorations were made out of ice-cream sticks, while the inn was made out of milk cartons. The team’s Royal Rangers emblem was made out of aluminum cans to look like the “Star”.
To add flavour to the stable, the backdrop featured a back-lit wall with an outlined cross that lit up while it was displayed in the CCC concourse area.Congratulations for winning 2nd place and thank you to all commanders who participated.

“On a cold Christmas day in Sweden
Whilst IKIA has a fully occupied inn
The manger next door is humbly occupied by parents
Whose child is born, whose Son is given”




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Discovery Rangers Advancement Camp 2016


by Commander David Gan

On the 15th December, 19 Discovery Rangers led by Outpost Commander Kah Yun and 10 other commanders, went on an advancement camp in Pasir Putih Resort, Kalumpang to complete their advancement merits.

Classroom session, how to make a camp fire
Classroom session, how to make a camp fire

Discovery Rangers having fun at the river group
Discovery Rangers having fun at the river group

Discovery Rangers having fun at the river
Discovery Rangers having fun at the river

Prior to the departure for camp, our Outpost Chaplain, Pastor Steven shared a devotional thought emphasizing the importance of teamwork amongst the campers and encouraged them to help each other. He later prayed for the safety of the camp.

The three day & two night camp with the theme “Alight” which is based on John 8:12 provided inspiration for the Rangers to complete their fire craft and lashing merits. Although most of them were first time campers, they managed well and also completed their tasks. Commander Chee Wah demonstrated the Imu Fire or cooking pit as an introduction to cooking their food. On the second day, lunch was prepared and delivered by Commander Stephanie and her ‘food truck’.

Enjoying marshmallows at the camp fire
Enjoying marshmallows at the camp fire

Food truck at camp
Food truck at camp

Meal time and only time to relax!
Meal time and only time to relax!

The Rangers not only managed to start their own fires, but had to maintain them by feeding wood when necessary. The Rangers were later assisted by the commanders in their lashing projects before taking a well deserved dip in the nearby river to cool off, under the supervision of the commanders.

On the second night, a council fire was held with some leaders arriving the scene dressed as ‘cavemen’. The skit depicted the ‘cavemen’ discovering fire and thus, found hope. Senior Commander Jason shared a devotion on Jesus Christ being the light in our lives which saw 7 Rangers responding to accept our Lord as their personal Saviour.

Queing up for breakfast 1 Queing up for breakfast 2 Queing up for breakfast 3
Queing up for breakfast

The objectives of the camp were met and the Discovery Rangers had many memorable moments during the camp. Most importantly, we learned that Jesus Christ is the hope and light in our lives. To God Be the Glory!

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ER Leadership Course

By Gordon Yong

On December the 13th a group of Expedition Rangers attended a leadership course that helped the Rangers learn leadership skills that would help in a role such as being a commander if the so wish to be when they come out of the Expedition Rangers outpost.

There were four parts to this course. Each of these parts started off with an activity. The reason for these activities are to understand the importance of a leader. For example the game Magic Carpet, the goal of the game is to flip a carpet while a number of people stand on it. The carpet would never be flipped when everyone is screaming their own idea unless there is one person that guides everyone to do what needs to be done.

After an activity, we had a discussion of the following topics which are the social distinctive – helping people win, equipping distinctive – reproducing leaders, attitude distinctive – being empowered with God’s help, and lastly, the leadership distinctive – empowerment. And each part was concluded with a devotional thought on the respective topics.

KL1 missions

Royal Rangers outreach ministry to refugees

Over the last 12 months, various commanders took time off every fortnight to spend time teaching and encouraging refugee children at a preaching point in KL.

Commander Conrad helping the group put their ideas on paper.
A group of refugee kids sharing their ideas while their friends look on
Sharing a life story about COURAGE
Commander Soong sharing God’s Word.

Children were very receptive and open to the sharing of the gospel and we hope to continue ministry here in 2017!

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Camporama 2016


Once again, 4 years has come and gone, and Camporama Malaysia is back as its 7th instalment.

That’s right! The 7th Malaysia Camporama will be held from the 8th –  11th June 2016 at Kem Bina Semangat, KKB.

Registration is open to all KL#1 Rangers and friends of Rangers aged 9 and above, and can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Check your insurance status with your respective outpost commanders.
  2. Download & fill up this form. (Ensure you select the right shirt size).
  3. Handover the form and cash to your respective outpost commander: Insurance RM12 & Camp Fees* RM230.

Once you have registered and received a receipt, you may download a copy of the Camp Checklist.

For further information on the camp, you may contact Cmdr Kah Meng (017-321 6200).

* Camp Fees
RM230 (early bird registration until 15 May)
RM250 (late registration after 15 May 2016)
Registration closes on 29 May 2016.

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Starting Royal Rangers in Nepal

Report by Samuel Ngeow

Nepal Group

From 30 March to 3 April 2016, five Royal Rangers Commanders from Calvary Church, Commanders Eddy Law, Chin Yoke Yee, Ong Soon Aun, Esther Ong and Samuel Ngeow participated in a missions trip to Nepal lead by Jim Guneratnam, the coordinator for Royal Rangers Asia Pacific. This trip was organized to conduct Royal Rangers leadership training for them to start the ministry in Nepal.

Arriving one day before the training began, the team spent their first day navigating the traffic and the streets of Kathmandu, seeing the city which was ravaged by massive earthquakes just a year ago. For the next two day, 31 March and 1 April 2016, the team conducted Royal Rangers Fundamentals, the basic leadership training course and demonstrated the Royal Rangers ministry methods. A total of 52 leaders attended the training in order to learn more about the ministry and obtain the necessary tools to start the ministry. Upon the completion of the training, participants were recognised with certificates and were eager to return to their respective churches, ready to start the ministry.

Learning how to fall-in for parade
Learning how to fall-in for parade

On 2 April 2016, Commanders Jim Guneratnam and Eddy Law had the opportunity to share the message at two different churches at their worship service. Commander Samuel Ngeow was a blessing to the young people, sharing the message at the youth meeting that afternoon. The people were greatly blessed by our ministry. Before departing on 3 April 2016, we had the opportunity to meet with 25 pastors for the Kathmandu area at their monthly fellowship to share about the Royal Rangers ministry. The pastors were receptive and thankful for the availability of such a needful ministry to the children and youths.

Commander Jim leading a session in Ranger Fundamentals
Commander Jim leading a session in Ranger Fundamentals

We praise and thank God for His protection upon the team as well as a wonderful and fruitful missions trip, where the vision of the Royal Rangers ministry and tools for starting was imparted to leaders in Nepal. It is our continued hope and prayer that with God’s enabling, they will be able to reach, teach and keep the children and young people in Nepal for Christ.

KL1 missions news RRI training

Royal Rangers continues to grow in Philippines

During Calvary Family Camp 2015, our camp speaker Pastor David Sumrall was exposed to the Royal Rangers ministry as the Royal Rangers held their annual camp together with Family Camp. Seeing the effectiveness of the ministry in discipling children and youths, he invited us to his church, Cathedral of Praise (CoP), Manila to training their leaders to start the ministry.

IMG_2154 IMG_2157

Lead by Jim Guneratnam, who serves as Royal Rangers Asia Pacific Coordinator together with Commander Samuel Ngeow the team conducted an introductory course to the Royal Rangers ministry known as Ranger Fundamentals on 29 & 30 January 2016. A total of 15 leaders attended the training in order to learn more about the ministry and obtain the necessary tools to start the ministry. Upon the completion of the training, participants were recognised with certificates, carrying the eagerness to start the ministry to bless the children and youths from their church and community.

We praise and thank God for the opportunity to continue to grow and strengthen the Royal Rangers ministry in the Asia Pacific region.

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Mt. Yong Yap Expedition 2015

by Alicia Chan

illustration trail

After weeks of relentless training in the hills around Kuala Lumpur and Gunung Nuang, 26 Rangers and leaders from Outpost KL#1 embarked on an expedition to Mount Yong Yap, Peninsula Malaysia’s 6th highest mountain standing at 7,110 feet. The expedition lasted from 16th to 18th of July 2015, during the Hari Raya holidays.

All smiles before leaving civilisation
All smiles before leaving civilisation

Gathering at the wee hour of 4:00 a.m., we started our journey towards the assembly point at Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands only to be deterred by the heavy traffic on the highways. However, the traffic and our lack of sleep did not dampen our anticipation for the hike. Upon reaching the assembly point, we savoured our last meal in human civilisation before heading into the forests.

The adventure officially started with the 4×4 ride to Pos Renggil, an orang asli village. It felt as if we were in Jurassic Park, without the dinosaurs. The strong wind in our faces and bumpy ride made the journey uneasy but nevertheless it was filled with laughter and giggles.

Rivers and more rivers to cross
IMG_9609 IMG_9582

At 1:00 p.m., we began to hike towards Kem Agas, the place we would call home for two nights. The hike up involved pushing through heavily overgrown ferns, bending over multiple deadfalls, avoiding thorns that could damage our attires and bags, and crossing multiple rivers. Following 6 hours of uphill trekking, we finally arrived at Kem Agas and settled for the night to prepare for the 2nd day: the conquest to the summit.

“A 10-hour hike awaits us”, our guide informed us on the second day. From 7.30 a.m. onwards, we braved ourselves through more river crossings and uphill climbs. The never-ending climb up was excruciating to bear, but we knew we could not afford to give up at that point of time. As we attained to higher elevation, we were rewarded with cool breeze and the sight of mossy forest. Yet, the last stretch to the peak was narrow and obstructed with boulders and fallen trees. The route was not straightforward; one had to survey the track to determine the best way to climb up.

Rangers & Rain at the summit
Rangers & Rain at the summit

With unwavering determination, we pushed on and finally reached the top of Mount Yong Yap! We took some time to appreciate our achievement and God’s creation. Not long after we summited, it started to rain heavily. The raindrops felt as heavy as marbles dropping unto our cheeks and the rain forced us to take shelter among the bushes. It was cold as we headed down the mud-filled and slippery trail. Our success of conquering the peak has given us the strength to keep calm and carry on. We returned to Kem Agas safely at 6:00 p.m. to rest for the day.

IMG_9576 IMG_9573 DSCN0257

At 6:00 a.m. on the third day, we were ready to head back to civilisation. It took us 6 hours to arrive back at Pos Renggil and we celebrated our feat by bathing in the cool, refreshing river. God has displayed his awesomeness through nature and His protection upon us throughout this whole expedition. The sandfly bites may itch for a week, but the memories of Mount Yong Yap will stay with us for a lifetime.