1st Things First!

RR KL#1 Derby 2015 trophy

There is a special ring to any event that has the word ‘first’ added to it. Such was the case for the KL#1 Father & Ranger Derby… It was the first of its kind for the KL#1 outpost, for Calvary Church and for Royal Rangers in Malaysia!

Ranger Derby is a project for Fathers & Rangers to design and build a car out of a block of pinewood before finally racing against other teams. This event is organised by Royal Rangers outposts all over the world and we are proud to be the first outpost in Malaysia to host this event.

Commander Eddy and Rangers final inspection before the race day

It was also the first for most, if not all, of the participants. However, it being a first-time challenge did not deter an overwhelming 30 parents and 36 Rangers from signing up. This was shown in the superb workmanship that many teams put into the design of their cars.

Participants were given three weeks to design and build their car in time to submit for judging on Father’s Day 2015. Cars were given design specifications to meet, including the incorporation of the theme of the event, “Seek Ye First”. Pastor Peter Ong, Pastor Lee Peng and Councilman David Peter had a tough time judging scores for the 36 cars as some of the cars were very well designed.

The Derby event also encouraged children without dads to sign-up with a sponsor to promote the father image; Jothi from Calvaryland and sponsor Max working on her car
The Derby event also encouraged children without dads to sign-up with a sponsor to promote the father image; Jothi from Calvaryland and sponsor Max working on her car.

The Derby race was held on the following Sunday. Praise God for the Multi-Purpose Hall of Calvary Convention Centre that was big enough to house the 30-foot long racetrack and over 200 parents and Rangers who were invited to witness the races. We were blessed to also have special guests with us, Senior Pastor and Sister as well as commanders from Selangor #9, Metro-tabernacle.

Excitement was in the air even before the race started as participants gathered around the Derby car display area to proudly point out their cars to their family and friends. The race began with Derby emcee Commander Samuel Soong and Race Manager Commander Kah Yun welcoming the audience and explaning the rules for the race.

Judges, Pastor Peter, Councilman David and Pastor Lee Peng
Judges, Pastor Peter, Councilman David and Pastor Lee Peng

The names of each car owner were read out as the cars were prepared for each race. Cars were categorised and raced according to the respective groups, Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers and Adventure Rangers. Kids would gather around the finish line area, especially those whose cars were next up to race, so they could get a first-hand witness to see which car would pass through first.

At the end of all heats, a final race was held to determine the Race Champion. It comprised of the first placed winners from each Heat category. It was certainly a fun-filled first family event!

(more photos at KL#1 Royal Rangers Facebook)


Father & Ranger Treasure Hunt

By Lisa Toh

Fathers and children pose for the group photo
Fathers and children pose for the group photo

On the morning of 27 July 2013, the Royal Rangers organised a Father and Ranger Treasure Hunt. Held at Taman Bukit Jalil, the aim was to create an opportunity for fathers to spend some quality time with their children out doors.

Father enjoying the outdoor with son

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Father & Son Backpacking 2009 (Dad’s story)

By Paul Ranga
From the 16 to 18 March 2009, the Royal Rangers organised a Father and Son Backpacking Expedition to the Endau Rompin National Park in Johor.Seven courageous fathers and eight equally courageous sons (one of the fathers had two sons) braved the rigours of 3 days of hiking and camping in the wilderness of one of Malaysia’s few remaining pristine rainforests that has existed undisturbed for millions of years. Accompanied by Commanders Jim Guneratnam, David Peter, Kester Low and Sasha, we left church at six on Monday morning for what was to be a truly remarkable experience.

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Father & Ranger Cookout 2008

Report by Choy Ji Ian

On the 22nd of June, 2008, around 60 Royal Rangers and their fathers gathered for the Father & Ranger Cookout at the Calvary Refreshment Centre. The Cookout was held to celebrate Father’s Day and provide the Rangers and their fathers with an opportunity to spend quality time together.

The Cookout began with prayer and devotion by Rangers Councilman Samuel Sham. Senior Commander Eddy Law went over the rules and the Cookout began.

Each team was required to prepare an entrée, main course and dessert using a whole chicken, potatoes and bananas, all within 90 minutes. While some fathers wielded their knives awkwardly and were initially at a loss as to how to go about preparing the dishes, others expertly set about their work.

Church pastors and families of the participants thronged the CRC as the teams persevered at their task. The Rangers cleaned up and ensured that the CRC facilities were fully functioning.

When the time was up, the dishes were critiqued by the judges. After the judging, everyone rushed to taste the food for themselves. The participants were especially eager to try their opponents’ fare.

The Cookout ended with the announcement of the winners and a prayer of thanksgiving. We thank the Royal Rangers for organising this memorable event.