Localised Merits, Awards & Medal Application Forms

To ensure that the Royal Rangers of Malaysia adhere to standards across the globe, approval processes for awards and medals have been localised in order to best fit our Malaysian context and framework of recognition.

Updated Awards Map (April 2018)

Globally, Royal Rangers are transitioning to a new awards map.
Bronze, Silver and Gold medals will now be known as Bronze Adventure, Silver Adventure and Gold Adventure medals respectively.
There will also be the introduction of an Honour Gold Medal of Achievement, or Honour GMA. The main feature of the Honour GMA is to recognise a Royal Ranger for earning all three medals from each age group, i.e. the Ranger Kids achievement medal, the Discovery Gold Eagle medal, and the Gold Adventure medal.
There is no change to the advancement process, however, certain merit colours have been reclassified.

Information on the new awards map and processes will be posted soon.


Old Awards Map (updated February 2017)

:: Approval and Process for Advancement Medals
:: Bronze Medal of Achievement
:: Silver  Medal of Achievement
:: Gold Medal of Achievement
:: GMA Christian Service Project
:: GMA Interview Preparation Notes
:: Gold Buffalo Award

Leaders Award Applications

:: Pastor’s Award
:: Junior Leader’s Service Award
:: Outpost Leader’s Service Award
:: Outpost Commander’s Award
:: Senior Commander’s Award

Localised Merits
Merits are also localised to be consistent with knowledge taught in the Malaysian context and curriculum. Merits are in workbook format for easy replacement.

Discovery Rangers (Red / Blue Merits)

:: Prime Minister Merit
:: Orang Asli Merit
:: Church Merit

Adventure Rangers (Gold / Green Merits)

:: Citizenship Merit
:: Hiking Merit
:: Malaysian History Merit
:: Academics
:: Ultimate Frisbee

Expedition Rangers (Silver Merits)

:: Law Merit